Merry Christmas 2006: Audition 1.3 Released, Now Free!

Audition 1.3 is now released. There is only one real change in this particular update, but it’s a good one: Audition is now licensed under the GPL. Basically, I don’t have enough time to devote to Audition, nor to really provide a lot of support (although I’m always happy to answer questions, feel free to […]

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Audition 1.2 Released!

This should be considered a mandatory upgrade for registered users – there are lots of bug fixes, some of them showstoppers. Plus, also included is an expanded user administrative panel (for users other and members) and the ability to serve streaming audio (Shoutcast server required.)

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Audition is a web application for creating band websites. Audition is free, licensed under the GPL, and available at